Where do you want to go ? where CAN you go ?

The earth is a giant playground, but first off let's examine the geographical and political situation and see what it can teach us about where one can or should go. There are places where one can freely go without second thought, places that are a little more dodgy and require care, and finally those places that are definitely not recommended or outright life-threatening.

This map is compiling first-hand experience as well as numerous accounts from fellow travellers. As such it tells the story as lived by overlanders who actually went there (and obviously returned to tell the tale). As such it is naturally much more forgiving than the advices of the official bodies of various governments, such as the British Foreign Office or the American or Canadian counterparts.

Obligatory disclaimer: The situation is obviously very changing and also, all people do not share the same notion of safety (or danger). Therefore you are ultimately the sole responsible for the decision to travel into a country that is not entirely safe. This site or its creator cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your decision, and the information contained therein shouldn't be considered as an advice to go to a place that is discouraged by your own government.

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As you can see, it's getting harder to move in Africa in complete safety. As you will see in the route map, there are not many possibilities to cross the continent by road. Asia is much easier, although with China and Burma still cloed to independant overlanders, South-East Asia is usually reached by shipping his or her vehicle there. Australia and America are strikingly easy to travel to, without any political or security barrier - except for famous the Darién gap which cuts off Panama from Colombia. It is therefore necessary to ship between the two places, or use the recently started ferry, if it's still running by the time you read this.

In deciding where to go one also has to take in account the various administrative hurdles such as visa issuance and carnet de passage (e.g., Americans are denied independant travel to Iran). Head over to the paperwork section for more details.

Finally, the timing is sometimes critical to be able to cross areas where climate is particularly unforgiving. That's the case in Northern Siberia because of extreme temperatures or Equatorial Africa when the rains destroy the roads.

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